Wild Shadow and Light



Image of Frequency

Her essence is of spiritual integrity - our natural intelligence & wisdom. It's the feeling of deeply knowing our very own Truth. Being in the drivers seat, powerfully leading our life. Ensuring behaviour, choices and actions all align with our Higher Self.

I invoke my spirit within,
Honouring my inner Light.
Life congruent - re-calibration
Spiritual Integrity takes flight.

Associated with:
Colour: White + Violet
Element: Air, Metal + Spirit
Aura: Higher Spiritual Layer
Chakra: Crown

Ingredients: Hydrosols (NOT flower waters) - rose, neroli, lavender, sandalwood. Essential oils - clary sage, patchouli, rose geranium, palmarosa, honey murcott, vetiver, agonis fragrans. New Zealand First Light Flower Essence - rimu, bracken fern, lace fern.

How to use: Designed to be used with your intuition - how you use is best decided on in the moment. I tend to use my as follows - pause, inhale, exhale - I spray above my left shoulder up over my crown, coming over to my right. I pause again allowing the droplets to settle and then deeply inhaling the new vibration, exhaling and releasing the previous state of mind. Be careful as you inhale - if you directly inhale the droplets you won’t poison yourself but it's not a nice sensation!

These are only a few suggestions on how to use: Connecting with your inner wisdom/truth. Strengthen intuition, align with higher self. As a tool for spiritual practice - meditation/channeling/yoga/healing. As an alternative to perfume. Cleanse & clear your aura/energy field/space/room etc. The possibilities are endless and it’s always best to trust and follow your intuition!