Wild Shadow and Light

Earth Walk


Image of Earth Walk

Her essence is of connection and belonging. Being HOME with ease. In your body, family, community, environment. It's the feeling of presence, choosing to be here now and being deeply connected. Ensuring openness to experiencing life fully with vitality. Having mind, body and spirit as a cohesive force!

I invoke my spirit within,
Connected here I am.
Body, Earth belonging,
Strong to take my stand.

Associated with:
Colour: Red + Brown
Element: Earth
Aura: Physical/Etheric Layer
Chakra: Root + Base

Ingredients: Hydrosols (NOT flower waters) - sandalwood, tea tree. Essential oils of myrrh, vetiver, cedar wood and juniper. New Zealand First Light Flower Essence - Broadleaf, Kahikatea, NZ Jasmine.

How to use: Designed to be used with your intuition - how you use is best decided on in the moment. I tend to use my as follows - pause, inhale, exhale - I spray above my left shoulder up over my crown, coming over to my right. I pause again allowing the droplets to settle and then deeply inhaling the new vibration, exhaling and releasing the previous state of mind. Be careful as you inhale - if you directly inhale the droplets you won’t poison yourself but it's not a nice sensation!

These are only a few suggestions on how to use: Whenever you need full presence, attention or focus. If you’re feeling scattered, mentally fatigued, overwhelmed, anxious, unsettled, disconnected in anyway or a sense of not belonging. You can use it as a tool for spiritual practice - meditation/channeling. As an alternative to perfume, room or pillow spray. To cleanse and clear your aura or base/root chakra. The possibilities are endless and it’s always best to trust and follow your intuition over my suggestions!