Wild Shadow and Light


I always appreciate and am very grateful of the time a client takes to share their experience with me.

Today I received from my husband a very special gift, which I have secretly been dreaming of, for a loooooooong time!  I just love how your jewelery combine self-care and spirituality to tell a story.   MD

Feeling blessed to have received such a beautiful and potent handmade piece from my spirit sister .... feeling CONNECTED and PROTECTED.   EC

I just walked through my meditation room and caught a whiff of my heavenly Frequency from an hour ago when I sprayed it and OMG it just makes my soul smile so much!  I love the scent, the vibration, the rising up, the feeling of being held, supported, celebrated.  I love the way it tickles my nose as it adjusts to the higher vibration.  Sometimes I spray it then reflect on how much higher my Frequency took me, and sometimes I forget and think wow I'm glad I didn't spray my Frequency today - I'd be blowing out if I did!  Love my magical spray and in awe of my beautiful creator sista who manifests such wisdom supporting potions.   BC

As it turns out I gifted myself your amazing Healing Path mist.  It has allowed me to gently quieten my chaotic mind, which has been huge for me, it has allowed me to feel the beautiful energy around me and connect and feel at peace with nature.  It is subtle but I can feel it, I am so truly grateful to you for these amazing creations and I would love to order another one of these mists please.  JF